Wheat Grass 1500 mg 120 Capsules
Wheat Grass 1500 mg 120 Capsules
Wheat Grass 1500 mg 120 Capsules
Wheat Grass 1500 mg 120 Capsules
Wheat Grass 1500 mg 120 Capsules
Wheat Grass 1500 mg 120 Capsules
Wheat Grass 1500 mg 120 Capsules

    Wheat Grass 1500 mg 120 Capsules

    AED. 82.00
    • REV UP YOUR WELLNESS: Experience a turbocharged boost to your well-being with Oladole Natural Wheat Grass capsules. These little green powerhouses are here to revolutionize your health and give you the vitality you deserve. These capsules are the ultimate time-saver, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of raw, plant-based wheatgrass wherever you go. It's nature's convenience in a capsule. Get ready to soar.
    • Ever wondered what pure, green goodness tastes like in a capsule? Well, meet the plant-based nutrition Oladole Natural Wheat Grass capsules. While other products may compromise on quality with additives and GMOs, our capsules stand tall as the embodiment of 100% pure, raw wheatgrass – a superior choice for those who prioritize quality. Choose the wholesome power of our wheatgrass capsules, a vibrant burst of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that not only nourishes you but leaves competitors green with envy.
    • VITAMINS GALORE: Say hello to your daily dose of vitamins in a capsule. Oladole Natural Wheat Grass capsules are loaded with an army of vitamins to fuel your body. With more Vitamin A and C than oranges and carrots, these little capsules bring the thunder. But it doesn't stop there, you'll also get a generous serving of Vitamins B, E, and K, ensuring you have all the essential nutrients your body craves.
    • DEFY THE ODDS: Are you ready to defy the odds and conquer those pesky health concerns? Oladole Natural Wheat Grass capsules are your secret weapon packed with 8 grams of dietary fiber and protein in every capsule, they're like your own personal health warrior. These power-packed capsules can help lower cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, reduce inflammation, and even tackle blood pressure. Simply pop one in your mouth, and you're on your way to a healthier you.
    • Oladole Natural's mission is to promote a vibrant, healthy lifestyle for everyone, regardless of age or gender. We truly believe that "Health is the Greatest Gift." With 700 awesome products, we are changing lives globally. We've got top-notch premium products, all third-party tested, loaded with awesome Vegan, GMO-certified, and ECOCERT ingredients. Get excited, because we're about to blow your mind with some seriously cool stuff. Ready for a healthier, more productive life? Join us today.
    Wheatgrass Extract:
  • Rich in nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Supports detoxification and liver health.
  • Boosts immunity due to its high vitamin C content.
  • Alkalising properties may help balance pH levels in the body.
  • May aid digestion and promote gut health.
  • Potential anti-inflammatory effects, reducing inflammation.
    Consume 3 Capsules daily , preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. Ensure proper storage in a cool, dry place, and adhere to the recommended dosage for optimal results.
    Wheatgrass Extract

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