Vitamin D3 10,000 iu 120 Tablets
Vitamin D3 10,000 iu 120 Tablets
Vitamin D3 10,000 iu 120 Tablets
Vitamin D3 10,000 iu 120 Tablets
Vitamin D3 10,000 iu 120 Tablets
Vitamin D3 10,000 iu 120 Tablets
Vitamin D3 10,000 iu 120 Tablets

    Vitamin D3 10,000 iu 120 Tablets

    AED. 59.00
    • Hunting for the best Vitamin D3 supplement? Have you tried Oladole Natural's high-quality vitamin D3 tablets? It is never too late to create a healthy habit. Get your finest sunshine vitamin from Oladole Natural Vitamin D3 tablets and experience the benefits it offers to your body. You may now stop worrying about vitamin D3 deficiency because Oladole Natural is here to provide you with the most effective vitamin D3 to address your insufficiency.
    • The power of Oladole Natural's vitamin D3 tablets is all yours. Packed with an impressive 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3, our formula stands head and shoulders above the rest, ensuring a potent dosage that outshines competitors in the market. Our all-natural formula, free from side effects, delivers the biologically active vitamin D your body craves without artificial additives, GMOs, gluten, or dairy. Don't miss out this all-rounder supplement, grab your bottle NOW.
    • Lift your energy with Oladole Natural vitamin D3 tablets- Do you know how our dietary supplement works on your body? Vitamin D3 improves your immune system and makes your body stronger by strengthening its immune reaction. It keeps your muscle strength up and you will never feel tired after a strenuous workout. Try now to witness the increasing energy level of your body.
    • Amazing Vitamin D3 Benefits- Oladole Natural vitamin D3 supplements may assist our bodies in effectively absorbing calcium, which is necessary for robust bone health. Did you know that a well-balanced diet can help you maintain your cardiovascular function? Take one pill of Oladole Natural vitamin D3 to keep your body healthy. The results will stun you. We promise.
    • Oladole Natural is a grandeur brand founded to create a healthy lifestyle among all people, irrespective of age or gender. We believe that "Health is the Greatest Gift", which is why we at Oladole Natural are writing a successful story with our customers around the world. Oladole Natural has a range of 700 amazing products that will change your life in a healthy way. We stand unique for our choice of premium products sold at a competitive cost

    Vitamin D3 (10,000 IU):

  • Provides a higher potency to quickly address deficiencies.
  • Strengthens immune function for better overall health.
  • Aids in calcium absorption, vital for bone health.
  • Dibasic Calcium Phosphate:

  • Provides additional calcium for bone health and overall well-being.
    Consume 1 tablet daily , preferably with a meal or as directed by a healthcare professional. Ensure proper storage in a cool, dry place, and adhere to the recommended dosage for optimal results.
    Vitamin d3, maize starch, sodium starch glyconate,magnesium stearate, di basic calcium phosphate

    Vitamin D3 at 10,000 IU supports calcium absorption, promoting strong and healthy bones. Enhances immune system responsiveness, crucial for overall health. Plays a role in mood and mental well-being, potentially reducing the risk of mood disorders.

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