Pure Xylitol 200g
Pure Xylitol 200g
Pure Xylitol 200g
Pure Xylitol 200g
Pure Xylitol 200g
Pure Xylitol 200g

    Pure Xylitol 200g

    AED. 36.00
    • XYLITOL: An incredible sweetener that more and more people are turning to as an ideal substitute for sugar.
    • NO OTHER ADDED INGREDIENTS: Unlike sugars such as sucrose and fructose, this naturally occurring sugar alcohol won’t promote tooth decay, has a low glycemic impact, and has around one-third the calories of other sugars, making it a cleaner sweetener that’s hard to beat.
    • 1/3 FEWER CALORIES THAN SUGAR: Our xylitol is derived from non-GMO corn and is the perfect substitute for sugar in almost any application.
    • Delicious Low Calorie Sweetener: Xylitol may assist in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight when used with health food. Xylitol sugar is 40% lower in calories than regular sugars, but contains the same sweetness. It can be a great choice for using in diabetic foods and snacks, keto friendly foods or used in blood sugar support supplements.
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    Xylitol :
  • Dental Health: Reduces cavities by inhibiting bacteria.
  • Weight Management: Lower in calories than sugar.
  • Sugar Substitute: Natural alternative with similar sweetness.
  • Bone Health: May increase bone density
  • Substitute: Use xylitol as a sugar substitute in beverages, cooking, and baking.
  • Oral Care: Opt for xylitol-containing gum, mints, or toothpaste for dental health.
  • Snacks: Enjoy xylitol snacks like sugar-free candies or homemade treats.
  • Beverages: Add xylitol to hot or cold drinks for sweetness without extra calories.
  • Moderation: Use in moderation to avoid digestive discomfort.