Organic Barley Grass Powder 100g
Organic Barley Grass Powder 100g
Organic Barley Grass Powder 100g
Organic Barley Grass Powder 100g
Organic Barley Grass Powder 100g
Organic Barley Grass Powder 100g

    Organic Barley Grass Powder 100g

    AED. 46.00
    • PURE HEALTH BOOST: We know you looking for a natural and healthy way to improve your overall health. And we have the best product for you. Oladole Natural Barley Grass Powder. This is made from the freshest barley grass, which has been carefully processed to preserve its nutrients and provide you with the greatest health benefits. Each scoop of our powder contains only the purest and most potent ingredients to help you improve your health.
    • Spice up your daily routine with Oladole Natural Barley Grass Powder. Our powder has something special that makes it different from the others – TOP quality and purity. Packed with immune-boosting vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and protein, each scoop takes care of your vitality and wellness. We assure that it's going to be your go-to for a healthier, groovier you. Join team Oladole Natural for a daily celebration of well-being. Why settle for average when you can have extraordinary?
    • TASTY VITALITY BOOST: The refreshing and delicious taste of Oladole Natural Barley Grass Powder is one of its best features. It contains the natural, earthy flavor of freshly harvested barley grass, making it a pleasant and enjoyable addition to your daily routine. Plus, our 100g jar contains enough pure goodness to nourish your body and keep you energized throughout the day.
    • FITNESS FUEL CHOICE: Oladole Natural Barley Grass Powder is an excellent choice to support your health and wellness, regardless of your lifestyle or fitness goals. If you're an athlete, our powder can help you improve your performance, endurance, and recovery time after workouts. Our powder provides the essential nutrients required to maintain optimal health and support a healthy lifestyle for health-conscious individuals. How are you going to take this?
    • Oladole Natural's mission is to promote a vibrant, healthy lifestyle for everyone, regardless of age or gender. We truly believe that "Health is the Greatest Gift." With 700 awesome products, we are changing lives globally. We've got top-notch premium products, all third-party tested, loaded with awesome Vegan, GMO-certified, and ECOCERT ingredients. Get excited, because we're about to blow your mind with some seriously cool stuff. Ready for a healthier, more productive life? Join us today.
    Musa Acuminate (barley grass):
  • Nutrient-rich: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Digestive Health: Supports digestion and may relieve constipation.
  • Detoxification: Helps eliminate toxins from the body.
  • Antioxidant Properties: Fights oxidative stress and inflammation.
  • Alkalising: Helps balance pH levels in the body.
  • Skin Health: Supports healthy skin and may help with acne.
  • Powder: Mix 1-2 teaspoons with water, juice, or food.
  • Juice: Drink 1-2 ounces daily, alone or mixed.
  • Tea: Steep powder or dried leaves in hot water.
  • Topical: Mix with water for skin application.
    Musa Acuminate (barley grass)

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