Aritha Powder 100% Organic 100g
Aritha Powder 100% Organic 100g
Aritha Powder 100% Organic 100g
Aritha Powder 100% Organic 100g
Aritha Powder 100% Organic 100g
Aritha Powder 100% Organic 100g

    Aritha Powder 100% Organic 100g

    AED. 48.00
    • SILKY HAIR SECRET REVEALED: Stop wishing for long hair when you can actually have one at ease. Oladole Natural Aritha Powder is here with the ultimate secret to achieving silky, smooth locks that will have everyone turning their heads in awe. Elevate your hair care routine to new heights and let your crowning glory shine with unprecedented beauty. Don't settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary hair that speaks volumes about your unique style and individuality.
    • Oladole Natural Aritha Powder isn't just another "natural" product; it's the real deal. While you may find many brands claiming to be organic with no non-senses, our powder is certified 100% organic, leaving synthetic-filled alternatives in the dust. Say goodbye to chemicals and hello to the pure goodness of Sapindus laurifolia. With benefits like promoting hair growth and banishing dandruff, our powder stands out as the ultimate haircare solution. Treat your hair to something truly special.
    • GOODBYE FUNGAL FOES: Are you tired of battling those pesky fungal infections that just won't quit? Don’t worry, because Oladole Natural Aritha Powder is here to save the day. Our Aritha Powder, derived from the powerful Sapindus Laurifolia, dives deep into your scalp, eliminating fungal invaders with its natural antifungal properties. No more itchiness, irritation, and discomfort, just feel a refreshed, healthy scalp with our miraculous powder.
    • SUPERHEROES UNITE: Oladole Natural Aritha Powder is here to rescue you from skin woes like a superhero. With its natural conditioning properties, this magical powder keeps your skin moisturized and nourished, banishing dryness and irritation. Also, our Aritha Powder contains potent insecticides that combat lice, ensuring your scalp is free from these pesky creatures. No more restless nights spent scratching your head. Get the relief right NOW.
    • Oladole Natural's mission is to promote a vibrant, healthy lifestyle for everyone, regardless of age or gender. We truly believe that "Health is the Greatest Gift." With 700 awesome products, we are changing lives globally. We've got top-notch premium products, all third-party tested, loaded with awesome Vegan, GMO-certified, and ECOCERT ingredients. Get excited, because we're about to blow your mind with some seriously cool stuff. Ready for a healthier, more productive life? Join us today.
    Aritha Powder:
  • Hair Care: Helps remove dirt, excess oil, and product buildup from the scalp and hair, promoting scalp health and shiny hair.
  • Scalp Health: Soothes itchy scalp and helps control dandruff.
  • Gentle on Skin: Suitable for sensitive skin, as it's free from harsh chemicals and additives.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Biodegradable and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic shampoos and cleansers.
  • Multi-Purpose: Can be used for hair washing, as a body wash, or as a natural laundry detergent.

    For Hair: Mix aritha powder with water to form a paste, then massage onto wet hair and scalp. Rinse thoroughly.

    For Skin: Mix with water to create a gentle cleanser for face and body.

    For Laundry: Add aritha powder to your laundry detergent to boost cleaning power and freshness.

    Aritha Powder

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